Europhile Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond Appears to Be Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Europhile Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond Appears to Be Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Responding to FG Senator Neale Richmond’s call for EU citizens to have votes in Dáil Éireann elections Irexit Freedom spokesman Hermann Kelly said :

In a Press Release issued by the Irexit Freedom Party, Spokesman Herman Kelly rebuked Senator Neale: “Not happy that we are currently paying people in Brussels we didn’t elect to make vast swathes of EU law applicable in Ireland, the senator now wants EU citizens to have the right to vote in Dáil Éireann elections.

This is a clear attempt to undermine even further our national democracy and deconstruct the nation state.

It is also outrageously hypocritical given that people in the last referendum were complaining about possible foreign interference influencing the 8th Amendment vote. Now he is asking that they have a direct vote in our elections. This is outrageous.

Perhaps Senator Richmond, as a former employee of the federalist fanatic ‘European Movement’ still takes his ideas from there rather than thinking of the best interests of the Irish people and their national democracy… or what remains of it.”

Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party Launch

Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party Launch

A NEW PARTY is holding a conference in Dublin today where it will host a discussion on the possible benefits there would be for Ireland if it left the EU.

A meeting will be held this afternoon at the Bonnington Hotel; a ticket sourcing website said that over 50 tickets to the event were on offer.

Among the speakers at the event is Former Irish ambassador Ray Bassett. Ahead of the event, Bassett told that although he wasn’t involved in establishing the party, that Ireland “badly needed more debate” about its EU membership.

He said that the Irish border is the main problem for Ireland and would cause huge problems if it were to come to fruition.

He said that people aren’t taking the likelihood of a border reappearing on the island of Ireland seriously.

“The Polish Foreign Minister said that it could come down to a crunch between a no-deal Brexit and the Irish border, and I’m not so sure what will win out.