As backstop backfires, Irexit surefire way to prevent  a hard border

As backstop backfires, Irexit surefire way to prevent  a hard border

Irexit Freedom to Prosper Press Release 24th Jan 2019

Hermann Kelly of Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party said tonight:

“It has come out in the last week that in the case of a WTO Brexit, that the EU will seek to impose a hard border in Ireland. So much for solidarity with Ireland as Leo Varadkar has bogged his arm in on the backstop, to watch it backfire badly.

In the case of a WTO or No Deal Brexit there are only 2 ways to prevent a hard border on our island-

The first is Ireland leaves the EU’s Customs Union and is free to make a trade deal with Britain and other countries around the globe. This has the benefit of Ireland once again becoming a sovereign independent state free of EU supremacy.

The second, is the use of smart technology facilitating a frictionless border. Indeed it is outlined in a paper commissioned by the European Parliament in 2017. However this has the downside of keeping Ireland tied inside the EU. And for that ‘privilege’ we will continue to pay into the EU budget and allow the EU to impose many laws upon us, many against our interests, and made by people we did not elect. Not a great deal. “

4 Replies to “As backstop backfires, Irexit surefire way to prevent  a hard border

  • Steve Barham

    By Steve Barham

    I have long thought that the people of Ireland will soon see that they, like Uk can govern themselves and prosper. It is only by prospering we can help the poorer countries in the world. EU will not care about you after Brexit. UK new generations can prosper alongside Ireland ew generations and share common decency reflected in our politics.
    I wish you well.
    Steve Barham

  • Flavian Bergström

    By Flavian Bergström

    One strong argument, among many other, pro Irexit, is that Ireland could easily get a free trade agreement with the United States if Ireland left the EU.

    Flavian Bergström, Sweden

  • Brendan Mulligan

    By Brendan Mulligan

    We should abolish the Irish Film Institute}

  • Adam Hiley

    By Adam Hiley

    good luck to Our Friends in Ireland

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