Comparison Of Death Figures Between 2020 and 2021

Attached is a pdf of an extraction I have made from all of the death notices published in for the months of November and December giving a comparison between the figures between 2020 and 2021. This consists of five pages with figures for two-day intervals together with accompanying graphs.

These are “all notices” so do not translate directly to death numbers, as some notices for individuals will appear more than once. However, as the proportion of “double notices” is unlikely to vary from year to year the proportionate increase in notices should correspond reasonably accurately to an increase in total all-cause deaths in the country during that period. is accepted by the CSO as giving accurate assessments and is frequently used by them in making preliminary estimates. The graphs show very few two-day periods with a decrease and many with substantial increases. CSO mortality figures are very late, and the last figures are for the second quarter of the year.

The attached indicates an overall increase for the two-month period of 18.65 %. If this were annualised, it would translate to an excess death rate of some 5,700 persons in 2021. However, there did appear to be a reduction in deaths during the second quarter of 2021 (CSO figures) following a spike in the first quarter which many attributed to the vaccine rollout in the nursing homes, so that figure of over 5,000 is unlikely to be accurate.

However, this raw data does suggest a very substantial death increase for 2021 which requires investigation. This increase in the number of deaths compares to an insignificant increase in death numbers for the year 2020 compared to the previous five-year average, albeit that 2020 was the year Covid was at its most active.

The death spike for 2021 suggested by these figures, let us say conservatively 4,000 persons, could be due to a number of factors. It could be Covid, but nothing like that figure has been claimed for Covid in 2021, and Covid deaths in elderly people have simply replaced normal flu and pneumonia deaths in that age group.  It could be suicide induced by lockdown, but the figures for suicide suggest an excess of some 190 over previous years. It could be due to late assessment of cancers, due again to the lockdown, but the likelihood is that we will not know the full effect of that public health response until next year. It could be due to the adverse effects of the vaccine rollout. Or there could be an entirely different explanation.

It is unlikely that senior members of government are not aware of these figures, though they are unlikely to receive official comment until they have been verified by the CSO, which probably will not happen for several months. At that time, we can expect all kinds of explanations to be floated, though unless there is an investigation carried out independently of those responsible for public health policy over the last two years we are unlikely to get a satisfactory answer as to the real reason.

Any comments would oblige.

Michael Leahy, Chairman, IFP

Assert Your Freedoms Rally

The Irish Freedom Party will be holding a rally this November the 28th (starts at 2pm) in order to make a stand against the contentious lockdown and attempt to remove our rights as  laid out in the Constition.


Customs House Quay, Dublin.

Saturday 28th November 2pm.

Speakers include Hermann Kelly, Prof Dolores Cahill, Michael Leahy, Ben Gilroy, Kevin Sharkey and others.


Of Speech.
To work and travel.
To honour Christmas with family.

As backstop backfires, Irexit surefire way to prevent  a hard border

As backstop backfires, Irexit surefire way to prevent  a hard border

Irexit Freedom to Prosper Press Release 24th Jan 2019

Hermann Kelly of Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party said tonight:

“It has come out in the last week that in the case of a WTO Brexit, that the EU will seek to impose a hard border in Ireland. So much for solidarity with Ireland as Leo Varadkar has bogged his arm in on the backstop, to watch it backfire badly.

In the case of a WTO or No Deal Brexit there are only 2 ways to prevent a hard border on our island-

The first is Ireland leaves the EU’s Customs Union and is free to make a trade deal with Britain and other countries around the globe. This has the benefit of Ireland once again becoming a sovereign independent state free of EU supremacy.

The second, is the use of smart technology facilitating a frictionless border. Indeed it is outlined in a paper commissioned by the European Parliament in 2017. However this has the downside of keeping Ireland tied inside the EU. And for that ‘privilege’ we will continue to pay into the EU budget and allow the EU to impose many laws upon us, many against our interests, and made by people we did not elect. Not a great deal. “

Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party Launch

Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party Launch

A NEW PARTY is holding a conference in Dublin today where it will host a discussion on the possible benefits there would be for Ireland if it left the EU.

A meeting will be held this afternoon at the Bonnington Hotel; a ticket sourcing website said that over 50 tickets to the event were on offer.

Among the speakers at the event is Former Irish ambassador Ray Bassett. Ahead of the event, Bassett told that although he wasn’t involved in establishing the party, that Ireland “badly needed more debate” about its EU membership.

He said that the Irish border is the main problem for Ireland and would cause huge problems if it were to come to fruition.

He said that people aren’t taking the likelihood of a border reappearing on the island of Ireland seriously.

“The Polish Foreign Minister said that it could come down to a crunch between a no-deal Brexit and the Irish border, and I’m not so sure what will win out.