What we Represent

Irish Freedom is a national movement of the Irish people and a political party with the primary objective of re-establishing the national independence and sovereignty of Ireland and restoring its national democracy by leaving the European Union.

Re establishing Independence

Thereby, taking back control by the Irish People of our law-making, our citizenship, our currency, our trade policy, our borders and immigration policy, our taxation and budget policy, our sea-fisheries and marine resources, our human rights under the Irish Supreme Court, our foreign and security policy and maintaining a meaningful military neutrality.

We Support

The Irish Freedom Party supports all democratic endeavours to achieve the consent of the voters of Northern Ireland for a re-united and independent Ireland under the control of the Irish people and not that of either London or Brussels.

Prevent Partition

Irexit is necessary to prevent a second Partition of Ireland being implemented by the addition of new EU dimensions to the North-South border and the consequent creation of major new obstacles in the way of securing consent to future Irish reunification.

Exit the EU

We believe that an exit from the European Union will permit the Irish People to take back control of the following:




Trade policy

Taxation & Budget Policy


Marine Resources

Human Rights

Our land, our laws in our lifetime. By leaving the EU, we will be taking our place once again among the world’s free and sovereign nations. IREXIT would lead to the restoration of a full democratic Republic.

As an all Ireland party we believe that the land of Ireland should be ruled by the people of Ireland. By leaving the EU, Ireland will embrace the wider world and all its opportunities.

We will be free to fulfill both our democratic and economic potential.

We believe immigration should be controlled effectively to suit the interests of ordinary Irish people.

While we are EU members, we are subject to free movement rules which means we have an open border with over 500 million EU citizens, their families and dependents.

By regaining control of our borders we will be able to plan a better Ireland that can provide affordable and sustainable housing for all.

The Irish Freedom Party will support all efforts to strengthen the Irishness of Ireland, in particular its language, its distinctive cultural and historical traditions.

Our nation and its freedom will only develop if our culture is strong. Culture is not something you go and see, but primarily how you live your life and celebrate and describe that life.
Just as the Celtic revival of the late 19th century preceded and gave strength to those who fought for freedom in 1916 and the War of Independence; we will only be independent and self-governing when we want, indeed need, to give expression to who we are as a people. Yes, a people, a demos, a proud and ancient nation.

To that end, the Irish Freedom Party rejects the cultural self-hatred (oikophobia) so widespread among some in our country.

We have much to celebrate in Ireland – our language, our dance, our music, our games. Our poets, writers and artists are known and respected throughout the world. But it’s even more important, that they are known and respected in Ireland itself. Our culture will become stronger when we as a people realise its beauty, its uniqueness and power to move us.

Therefore we hold the education system, the taxation system, and government funding should be channelled to support a vibrant Irish culture by helping individuals, communities and groups to celebrate what makes Ireland unique, beautiful and great.

We hold that Ireland is our home, not an economic hostel, and that the Irish diaspora have a special part to play in rebuilding up our country again.

There is an Irish diaspora of approximately 60 million people around the world who claim Irish parentage and heritage. Many of these people are extremely talented and have a love and strong sense of goodwill towards their homeland.

The Irish Freedom Party believe our diaspora should be given first preference to return to live and work in Ireland.

While Ireland is a member of the EU, 500 million EU citizens have an untrammelled right to move to and reside in Ireland. Only by leaving the EU can we take back control of who comes to reside in Ireland.

At the moment, non-EU Irish diaspora meet massive discrimination if they desire to come to live in Ireland.

Let Diaspora return says Irish America Article

If our demographically-challenged country requires experienced and skilled people to build up our country, the Irish diaspora should be given preference over those from the EU and other parts of the world.  Especially so as citizenship and the right to an Irish passport should require a sense of loyalty to the Irish nation.

If India offers its diaspora recognition, residency and work permits through the ‘Person of Indian Origin’ (PIO) card,” Ireland would benefit both economically and culturally by giving the Irish diaspora a route to move to Ireland.

This conviction communicates itself intuitively. Anyone watching, listening or even simply reading the text of rally and stump speeches can feel the energy and sincerity of their beliefs reaching out across the arc of time. All these men were men of conviction. They deeply believed in what they were doing and put their reputations.

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An Bradán Feasa.

The Sun
before intense,
but now a mellow far distant glimmer.

And under the soft flowing
stream lies the silver bodied salmon beating
an ephemeral spectral shimmer.

Enshrouded in the wind’s lazy lament,
Enamoured by the water’s caress
From its final destiny,
This wild lithe creature will not digress.

Over the purple hued heather
The melodic wind meekly blows
Around the bray, between the branches of the thicket.

From Glentogher and the glacial mountains of Noire Veigh
Omnipresent a soft lilting sigh,
Permeating gently throughout the valley

Gaelic whispers of immortality.

(Hermann Kelly 1988)

The Irish Freedom Party

Political Programme and Constitution

Submission on Review of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989. “The Hate Speech Consultation.” Submission made by the Irish Freedom Party

The Irish Freedom Party’s Code of Conduct

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