Consultation – Submission on Gender Equality referendum

Consultation – Submission on Gender Equality referendum on behalf of The Irish Freedom Party.

by Party President Hermann Kelly

The Citizens Assembly on Gender Equality, in its final report to the Oireachtas in June 2021, made recommendations for amendments to Articles 40 and 41 of the Constitution. These were that:

·     Article 40.1 of the Constitution should be amended to refer explicitly to gender equality and non-discrimination

·     Article 41 of the Constitution should be amended so that it would protect family life, with the protection afforded to the family not limited to the marital family

·     Article 41.2 of the Constitution should be deleted and replaced with language that is not gender specific and obliges the State to take reasonable measures to support care within the home and wider community.

The Irish Freedom Party submits: 

In the late 1990s, two well-known physicists Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont wrote a critique of sociologists’ abuse of scientific words. The book was called “Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science.”

Clearly fashionable nonsense has not gone away, so basic facts must be stated:

Sex is a biologically and genetically based reality, which can be observed and examined.

The language and concept of Gender is a system of make-believe, thought up in the late 20th century and given pseudo-scientific respectability by a sexologist John Money. If you research the ‘Twins Experiment’ of John Money you will find that he sexually abused two young boys, forcing one to dress and behave as a girl against his will. He used the 2 boys as guinea pigs to falsely base his theories but eventually both young men committed suicide in their 30’s.

His so-called findings were based on a complete lie, indeed, they were built on failure and abuse.

There are only 2 sexes. Humans are dimorphic and exist as male or female.

Men are adult human males. Women are adult human females.

Men and women are identical in value and dignity but different biologically and psychologically.

Men and women are physically complementary but are not interchangeable. Only sexual intercourse between a man and a woman can form a child.

Marriage in the Irish Constitution is held in high regard and its original natural law and biologically based notion should be maintained.

Only sexual intercourse between a man and a woman has the potential to pro-create a child. The child is best growing up in a stable environment or a committed life-long marriage with its mother and father so the child is aware of its identity and is brought up in the safe environment of its parents.

The Irish Freedom Party are pro-natalist, pro-family and pro childbirth. Our society has no future without children and our culture as well as a society and political entity must do everything possible to facilitate and encourage Irish men and women, Irish families to have children so that our society, our culture, our names and our history are passed on into the future.

The Irish Freedom Party believes that removing the words “woman” and “mother” from the Irish Constitution, art 41.2 in the only time that is used, is an act of political, legal and linguistic misogyny.

Inserting language about a make believe concept such as gender, based as it is, on cultural stereotypes which are constantly open to change and interpretation is a legally irresponsible act.

Therefore we hold that retaining articles 40.1 ; and article 41 is better than changing it.

Upholding the biological and genetic reality of sexual identity is important to society.

Introducing the concept of Gender into our legal system would devalue the family based on marriage which is the best locus for sexual intercourse capable of the reproduction of children.

Introducing the make believe language of gender also increases the chances of allowing the dangerous practice of putting sexually intact males into spaces which are and should remain reserved for women, such as women’s toilets, changing rooms, women’s refuges and prisons.

Introducing the concept of gender also encourages and facilitates the indoctrination and physical mutilation of children with gender dysphoria.

For these reasons above,

The Irish Freedom Party supports the retention of the current version of articles 40 and 41 of the Irish Constitution.

Hermann Kelly,


Irish Freedom Party,

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