Nationwide Billboard Campaign Launch

Nationwide Billboard Campaign Launch

The Irish Freedom Party has today launched a nationwide billboard campaign with 30 posters in Dublin alone.

Irish Freedom Party Director of Communications, James Darby said:

“We believe the best people to look after Irish affairs are the Irish people themselves. We will be making the case to be a normal, self-governing and independent state. Something that those who came before us, sacrificed to create for the good of their children’s future.

Even the latest EU barometer poll shows that one quarter of the Irish population wishes to leave the EU’s political union, and this is in line with voters’ rejection of Nice I and Lisbon I.”

One of Michael Collins : Ár dtír féin arís‘

EU membership means paying old men we didn’t elect to make EU laws we don’t need.

And a pic of Commission President JC Juncker with a happy thumbs up and EU flag background.


A pic of Aughnacloy border installation with a quote from Gunther Krichbaum, CDU MP and chair of the Bundestag committee on European Union Affairs with his quote:

It will be hard border of the European Union.’

Third poster of that of a family (yes it’s a stock image as is normal for campaign like this) with caption:

“A normal self-governing state can:

Lower its taxation,

Encourage job creation,

Trade globally,

Control its borders, and

Help house its families.”

To explain : Ireland cannot lower VAT beyond EU defined threshold;

EU forbids state aid;

EU has exclusive competence over commercial policy. States cannot make bilateral trade agreements;

500 million EU citizens have right to move to and reside in Ireland, with obvious pressure on the housing situation caused by increased demand.

The Irish Freedom Party (IFP) has applied for official political party registration and will be running candidates in the European elections. Among the candidates in the running will be party founder, Hermann Kelly and party chairwoman Prof Dolores Cahill of UCD, one of the top academics in the country, respected throughout Europe for her biomedical research.  

The billboard campaign was funded by donations from generous and patriotic members of the IFP alone. 

Irish Freedom Party Director of Communications, James Darby said:

“For the first time in recent history, voters have a real choice.  It is time to reject the politically correct Europhile establishment. Embrace the patriotic alternative with the Irish Freedom Party.

We have unique appeal. We are the only party who believe in Irish freedom and national sovereignty. The Irish people deserve a proper choice and vision for our country. The days of subservience to foreign authority should be over.

We are a patriotic party of national sovereignty in favour of a smaller state, lower taxation, free speech, and control of our shared national resources for the benefit of the Irish people.

We will never again accept our national budget being approved in the Bundestag before it was even seen in Dáil Éireann, nor allowing the Troika of EU, ECB and IMF imposing 64 billion euro bank debt on the Irish taxpayer. As an EU net contributor, why are we paying for other people in Brussels to make many of our laws? This situation has to change. The Irish Freedom Party will be a voice for change in these Euro elections.