Assert Your Freedoms Rally

The Irish Freedom Party will be holding a rally this November the 28th (starts at 2pm) in order to make a stand against the contentious lockdown and attempt to remove our rights as  laid out in the Constition.


Customs House Quay, Dublin.

Saturday 28th November 2pm.

Speakers include Hermann Kelly, Prof Dolores Cahill, Michael Leahy, Ben Gilroy, Kevin Sharkey and others.


Of Speech.
To work and travel.
To honour Christmas with family.

Abortion is ‘stain’ that ‘should be removed’ – Hermann Kelly

Abortion is ‘stain’ that ‘should be removed’ – Hermann Kelly

Hermann Kelly, founder of Ireland’s new political party Irexit Freedom to Prosper Party, said that his party is pro-life and that abortion is a “stain on the name of Ireland that should be removed.”

“As no nation has a future without children, as a patriotic party we are pro-natalist and supportive of stable families for the procreation, education and rearing of children,” Kelly told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview.

“The barbarism of abortion, and the general cheapening of life at its beginning and end is a stain on the name of Ireland that should be removed,” he added.

Just as with Brexit in the United Kingdom, Irexit is in favour of Ireland leaving the EU. Unlike almost all British and Irish political parties, however, Irexit is unashamedly pro-life.

Kelly spoke to LifeSiteNews about the current Irish political and cultural landscape and what contribution his political party can make to a revival in more pro-life, pro-family politics in today’s Ireland.

LifeSiteNews’ full interview with Hermann Kelly