Solving The Housing Crisis

The current political establishment have managed to engulf our country with a huge housing crisis. Many young adults cannot afford a home of their own because of rent and house price inflation. There has also been a rise in precarious or insecure employment. Supply and demand need to be addressed to get a handle on the housing crisis.

The population of Ireland has increased by one million in the last 20 years. This influx into the country has added to already overstretched housing demand. It also keeps rent and housing prices artificially high putting strain on many families around the country.

We believe immigration should be controlled effectively to suit the interests of ordinary Irish people. While we are EU members, we are subject to free movement rules which means we have an open border with over 500 million EU citizens, their families and dependents. By regaining control of our borders we will be able to plan a better Ireland that can provide affordable and sustainable housing for all.

Some people suggest: “Solving the housing crisis is not difficult. It’s a simple matter of building enough affordable homes in the right locations, and to keep building them until all who need a home are housed.”

Another economist has proffered this opinion : “The provision of extra residential units requires three critical ingredients. These are zoned land, publicly-provided services such as water and roads, plus planning permission.” This is only a short-term solution.
Unless we tighten up on the increasing demand for houses caused by uncontrolled immigration, in the long term, Ireland could very well turn into an ugly ever-expanding building site; and who wants that?

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