Daithí Ó’Fallamháin

Daithí Ó’Fallamháin

Candidate for Mayo

Daithí Ó’Fallamháin

Daithí Ó Fallamháin has been an educator in Ireland, Japan, and S. Korea, a professional musician, car washer, and science editor. He received his Master’s degree from University College Galway. After that he worked at the Family Research Centre, Ballinrobe. He has lived in six countries and travelled to 18 more. This has taught him how countries prosper and preserve their cultural uniqueness through intelligent immigration policies, restricting land ownership to citizens, limited-time work visas, and positively promoting the love of one’s own people. He advocates an end to unnecessary immigration that only serves multinational corporations and which distorts housing situation. We need to prioritise incentives that will bring the diaspora home. He will advocate for tougher sentences for criminals and wants to keep families on farms. He is the father of two.


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