Diarmaid O’Conorain

Diarmaid O’Conorain

Candidate for Dublin European Election 2024

Diarmaid O’Conorain

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As your Dublin MEP I would;
  • Fight for the abolition of carbon taxes, which affects everyone from motorists to small businesses and the end consumer.
  • Maintain a firm stance in support of Ireland’s neutrality and proud peace keeping record.
  • Call for stricter controls on the European Central Bank to prevent further reckless inflation across the entire union.
  • Demand the EU Commission and the Irish government act on the Commissions 2016 report regarding the concentration of media ownership in Ireland and its diagnosis as a threat to Irish democracy.
  • Call for tighter citizenship requirements for all states, on the basis it affects Ireland via freedom of movement.

The European Union is no longer a vehicle for Irelands progress. What started as a trade union quickly became a pursuit of total control over its member states. It now wields access to the single market as a tool of blackmail to secure a states obedience. While the relatively recent talk of abolishing the veto of member states will likely be the end of Irelands attractive corporation tax rate.

Ireland holds claim over territorial waters estimated to hold centuries of oil and gas supply to satisfy Ireland’s demands. Ireland has no need to be energy dependent, yet our representatives both domestic and abroad bind their own hands by outlawing the extraction of natural resources. The Irish Freedom Party will seek to utilise Irish resources for the benefit of the Irish people.

During the 2019 EU Elections Dublin witnessed an extremely low turnout of just 43%. The status quo cannot be challenged if half the population does not vote. Change is available to us if we can mobilise and seize it. I encourage all readers to ensure they are registered to vote at CheckTheRegister.ie, and press friends and family to do the same.


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