Drogheda Says No!

Tony "Socks" Byrne Memorial, Scotch Hall, Drogheda
02:00 PM -
Begins in 17 Feb 2024

    The Irish Freedom Party wants to ask why are we paying exorbitant money to give free bed and board to economic migrants, people who have contributed nothing to Irish society? We believe we have got to stop using Irish workers as tax cash cows to subsidise free stuff for non-Irish nationals while Irish people lose their jobs. We need to put Irish people first in their own country. We don’t wish to colonise other peoples’ countries so why should they be allowed to colonise Ireland? Don’t we have a right to our own country without interference?

    It’s stomach churning to watch Ged Nash and Pio Smith of the Labour Party defending hotel workers being kicked out of a job and Drogheda tourism decimated by the commercial closure of the D Hotel so they can help import more welfare dependents and party voters.

    The Labour party are now running defence for slumlord millionaires. It is not right that the State is financially inducing tourist hotels to shut their doors to tourists and be rewarded for handing over all the beds to what are in effect, economic migrants. We learned recently that 184 accommodation businesses in Ireland made over 1 million euro from the taxpayers in the last 6 months. This outlandish.

    It is very damaging given that the Westcourt Hotel has already closed to tourism that the biggest four star hotel in Drogheda would close its doors. Every traitorous politico in Drogheda needs to answer the question:  “As China belongs to the Chinese, doesn’t Ireland belong to the Irish?” Why are so many Drogheda politicians defending the D Hotel shut down and be handed to economic migrants? Who benefits? Certainly not us. And who is paying for this free bed, board, medical care and social welfare? Oh, that’s ordinary Irish workers and those who build the country before us. It simply isn’t good or fair.

    We are being taken for a ride as taxpayers are paying the bills while 13k Irish people are homeless. Over one third of all hotel beds in the country are booked at taxpayers expense for economic migrants at the same time that 10k tourism workers’ jobs have been displaced.

    There is a rally on Saturday 17th outside Scotch Hall at the handball statue, Drogheda 2pm to protest the closing of the D Hotel, and all concerned citizens are welcome


    Tracy O’Hanlon


    Patrice Johnson

    Drogheda Rural

    Cathal Ó Murchú

    Dundalk South