Tracy O’Hanlon

Tracy O’Hanlon

Louth County Council

Hello there, I’m Tracy O’Hanlon and I’m your local Irish Freedom Party candidate here in Dundalk Carlingford for the LEA on 7 June. I’m a Working-Class Mother of 4, born and raised here, I moved back from London in 2018 where I’d worked in Banking and Pub Mgmt. I just want the best for Ireland, a Govt who act in Irish interests, which is not the case currently.

I believe in controlled sensible Immigration; I fully support Louth Farmers and am opposed to unnecessary culling; I want Education not Indoctrination in our Schools; I am concerned at TUSLA cover-up’s; I support small businesses; I support getting our Graduates to stay here not fly away; and of course, House the Irish first.

Most of your concerns may be about issues which can only be dealt with at National level and I look forward to finding out what needs to be done. At this Local level, I will work my socks off to improve Ambulance and Bus services for the Peninsula, create activities and “stuff to do” for our kids, do my absolute utmost to campaign for important community issues and get you the guidance you want and the help you need. We need to get moving on planning applications, especially to get homes built on land owned, to create homes, families and futures HERE. Tourism has suffered greatly here with €Millions of losses and hundreds of jobs; over 200 food-led businesses have closed already THIS year. While small businesses suffer, The Carnbeg Hotel gets €685,000 taxpayers money to house IPAS. There are many more Hotels in Dundalk also cashing in on this lucrative human-trafficking.

We need to invest in our young and support families and working Mothers. Successive Governments have created this awful Housing Crisis, then in 2021, O’Gorman sent the message to the World in 8 languages to come to Ireland for refuge and you will have own door accommodation within 4 months. This government needs to go. They have let us down badly and treated us like fools for too long; now they are positively ignoring us, despite polls showing over 70% of the country are unhappy with Immigration (or migration???) levels.

We have over thousands of years built a wonderful society with fairly low crime, friendly and welcoming but severe damage has been done – in 2022 we received 250,000 here – 5% of our population – this is madness.

Vote O’Hanlon here on 7 June and bring some common sense back to Ireland.