RTE lying through teeth on Ireland’s EU contribution, ignoring official State figures

Department of Finance Statistics for 2020 state Irelands EU net contribution was 693 million euro and Ireland is a net cash contributor since 2013. These figures were published in Mid December 2021 and are published on an annual basis.
However RTE article at the end of October 2021 says we only gave 360 million and a contributor for 3 years. (link below)
European Council figures show that Ireland has a potential debt liability of 18.7 billion euro and will receive back less than 1 billion euro from the EU Recovery fund. RTE only mentioned we are getting 1 billion but not the liability.
The Irish Freedom Party believe that citizens should be given accurate information by the State broadcaster so they can make an informed decision about Ireland’s political direction.
As a party we don’t agree that people should be misinformed by national broadcaster and disgraceful there is no independent oversight of its Online news output. Read More