Shane Lynam

Shane Lynam

Moate Redacted
Westmeath County Council
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Shane is the Vice Chair of the Irish Freedom Party. He Joined in 2022 after witnessing party members being verbally abused and harassed at a free speech event in Limerick and felt he could no longer stand aside and let tyrants and bullies ruin our country.  Shane believes that free speech is one of the cornerstones of a free society. Shane feels he has plenty to offer his local community and has a long history of volunteer work. Shane is a qualified health & safety professional and has been running his own business since 2006. During the recession, Shane returned to college and qualified with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health & Safety Management. Shane believes that although Ireland’s decision to Join the EEC in 1973 was a positive move for the country at the time, the relationship between Ireland and what is now the E.U. has changed for the worst with Ireland increasingly losing out in terms of our own domestic potential in, fishing, forestry, agricultural and energy production. Witnessing first-hand the destruction of rural towns and communities as a result of poor government decisions, and restrictive EU laws, led Shane to the decision to represent the party at the next local elections.

Some issues Shane would like to see addressed at local level include:

1)      Recindal of Statutory Instrument 306 of 2022 which gives emergency powers to the Government and overrules the authority of Council Management and Members in relation to Planning and Development.

2)      Local concerns around mass immigration and impact on local services

3)      Additional Garda resources to combat the growing crime rates in the area

4)      Additional resources for drug addiction and mental health

5)      Additional recreation facilities and spaces in the town of Moate and in the towns and Villages in the Moate LEA

At national level Shane supports the parties’ efforts on combating the climate alarmism that tries to paint Farmers as the bad guys and highlighting the issues around illegal migration into the country which is having a serious impact on our ability as a country to provide adequate housing and health services to our own people.