Rory O’Beirn

Rory O’Beirn

Galway City West
Galway City Council

I have worked as an accountant and business advisor in Galway for over 40 years. I am a local man. I grew up in Salthill and later lived in Knocknacarra. I have been brought up with a love of Galwegians, Galway, and especially the broad great ocean for its beauty and bounty.

My overriding guiding political principle is to support policies and measures which benefit the Irish people and to promote the Irish family

I pledge to promote measures that:

  • Assist Galway families with access to housing in Galway
  • Campaign for a return of local authority homes built by the local council
  • Campaign to keep Galway’s refugee/asylum centres to a minimum.
  • Request extra Garda present on Galway streets to ensure vulnerable Galwegians, especially women and children feel safe walking our streets.
  • Promote Parental Rights in local schools and libraries and protect children from unsafe and unscientific ideology.
  • Encourage tourism in the city and the region by making the city safe and attractive for both visitors and locals.
  • Support our local aquaculture industry and to promote our local fishermen.
  • Support families and business through a reduction in business rates and property taxes.