Paddy Broder

Paddy Broder

Offaly County Council
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Paddy joined the Irish Freedom Party with the intention of ending state corruption. After viewing numerous online videos that has shown the dilapidated state of the political system in Ireland, Paddy has decided that something has to be done to salvage our sovereign nation. After some intense research into the Irish Freedom Party he has decided this is the ideal party to be involved with.

Paddy is a carpenter by trade and has worked in manufacturing and running his own business.

Paddy has been involved with volunteering for quite some time in the local area. His volunteer work ranges from drama groups, choirs to fundraisers and helping with local groups travelling to Lourdes. Paddy feels his abilities can be used to help people as an elected representative within the Tullamore LEA.

The current government has shown its disregard for the rural areas and its people over the last numerous years and this has to change before Ireland is lost forever. In our rural areas the Irish family is being put under extreme pressure in numerous areas including heating to basic sustenance. The small farmer is being wiped out while our politicians are selling us out. The E.U. has taken so much from Ireland, forestry, fisheries, oil, peat and now our culture at jeopardy, now is the time to stand and take back what’s rightfully OURS! Make Ireland Irish again.


Some issues that Paddy would like to see addressed at local levels include,

  • Immigration policies affecting the Tullamore and its surrounding areas with the strain it has put on the local services which are at maximum capacity in certain areas.
  • Improvement around planning laws in the area.
  • Increased Garda presence on our streets to prevent anti social behaviour and crime.
  • Additional services to combat drug addiction and mental health services.
  • Additional support for school leavers to enter the working world.
  • Introduction of support for local and family business to help continuing increasing running costs.
  • Increase in traffic management measures within the towns and villages to tackle speeding and dangerous driving.
  • Combat the lack of affordable housing in the locality.
  • Increase support for the elderly living alone and in rural areas.
  • Additional recreation facilities and activities to help grow the minds of our local youth.


Paddy supports the Party policies on a national level such as, housing, improving the health service including Increasing the capacity within Tullamore hospital to prevent unnecessary travelling to larger cities. Immigration controls, climate change propaganda which is eliminating the small family farm, a fairer tax system, preserving free speech and tackling corruption.