Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy

Carrick on Suir LEA
Tipperary County Council


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My name is Martin Murphy, I am 44 years old husband and father to children (24, 17 and 15)

For the past 27 years I have worked in the catering and retail industry and continue to do so. I have always worked in the service industry and my skill set is based on providing the best service possible to the public.

I am not a politician. I am a working-class dad who is genuinely worried about my children’s future. The country is in a bad place and successive FF + FG governments have done little to nothing to correct course. I would go so far as to say the current coalition of FF/FG/Greens are actively harming our country, destroying our heritage and consider themselves an elite class above scrutiny and accountability.

I do not believe a SF led government will be any better. SF have an identity crisis at present. They are supposed to be a Nationalist Party with strong socialist undertones. All I see at present from their leadership is a Far-left almost communist party who has not acted as an opposition in the last 4 years but as a collaborator to the wildly corrupt current government.

Alot of the smaller parties with the exception of 1 or 2 new emerging nationalist parties fall straight into the extreme far-left category and would happily take everything you own and redistribute it to people ‘they’ believe deserve it in the name of equity.

The greens are in my opinion lunatics and should be treated accordingly.

Not a lot of positive political choice from our so-called progressive nation.

Let me give you an example of this so-called progress.

21 years ago, at 23 years of age I was married and had purchased my modest 3-bedroom semi that I still live in today.

Ireland has progressed so much that my son now at the same age still lives at home, full time employment earning more than I did at that age has not a hope in hell of being able to buy or build a house in the next 10 years. Even if he could find somewhere to rent he would spend 70% of his income for the privilege. I will not even get into the cost of running a car for a young person today.

The country is sick, politics is sick, and it is only going to get worse. Health, Housing, Immigration, EU Overreach, Cost of Living, Serious Crime are all major issues, but the government are only interested in pointless referendums, ridiculous hate speech bills and throwing money at lobbyist NGO’s and people who have never contributed to this nation.

As I said I am not a politician, but I am brave enough to stand up and say I am not accepting this anymore. A vote for me and a vote for Irish Freedom Party is how you can do the same.

Can I fix all the issues above, not a politician so I wont lie. The answer is no, it will probably take a full election cycle to start steering the ship back on course. What I can do if elected is connect with like-minded parties and independents and use influence and persuasion to ensure the local representatives of the large political machines make decisions that benefit the local community and not the political puppets that they serve.

That is the promise I make in return for your No 1 vote.

Vote #Martin Murphy – Locals

Vote #Michael Leahy – EU

Vote #IrishFreedomParty