Glen Moore

Glen Moore

Palmerstown-Fonthill LEA Redacted
Dublin County Council

Glen Moore is a medical communications engineer who joined the party in 2023 after witnessing rising violent crime in Dublin. A Clondalkin native, he is a well known face around the local Karate scene.

Glen is a proud gay man who stands firmly against the woke establishment; be it gender madness, or the disregard for working class Irish people. He believes it is tragic that in a time of record Irish accommodation shortages, the government continues to pursue mass immigration, driving young Irish away from our country, and others onto the streets.


Glen’s pledges for your area are:

  • Designate more areas for Local Authority Affordable Purchase developments to provide affordable housing for first time buyers.
  • Tackling petty crime by acting as an accessible liaison between local people and their Garda station. I will make sure Gardaí are kept informed about the latest break-ins, instances of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
  • Increasing resources for Youth Services. Funding is needed for projects like Ronanstown Youth Club and a mentor program for young boys and girls. Increased funding for mental health counselling is also needed.
  • Opposing the pedestrianisation of Mainstreet Clondalkin. This makes shops less accessible for the elderly and disabled while also increasing car traffic congestion in an area with underdeveloped public transport alternatives.
  • As Mayo County Council has already done, I will push South Dublin County Council to pursue a policy of non-cooperation with the Department of Integration until a viable asylum system is put in place by the government.