Doran McMahon

Doran McMahon

Conamara South
Galway County Council
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Doran is a father of 3 and works as a supervisor in construction. He is
active in his community as a football coach for the Junior Men’s Team.
As a local county councillor, he wants to promote Connemara South’s
great potential in tourism, protect Gaeltacht areas and fix major
congestion issues by the construction of a link road from Galway to

The construction of a link road will alleviate traffic congestion suffered
by working people every day and tourists visiting the county, especially
cyclists on the Wild Atlantic Way. The benefit of a link road cannot go
unexaggerated because of its immense economic benefit for the area in
terms of promoting employment opportunities, promoting the area’s
accessibility for tourists and the potential business opportunities.

Doran feels great pride in his country, people and the Irish language. The
Gaeltacht areas of Connemara South must be protected by their great
cultural and linguistic value. As a local county councillor, Doran will aim
to ensure the language is maintained in all schools and protected from
large amounts of immigration. He will also seek to retain the Gaeltacht’s
population by improving its accessibility by the construction of the link

The tourism industry in Connemara requires more accommodation
available for tourists. Doran believes that a link road will provide huge
entrepreneurial opportunities in the tourism industry. In the meantime, the
few hotels available must be prioritized for the tourism industry and not
for immigration purposes.