Barry Ward

Barry Ward

Dublin County Council

My name is Barry Ward, and I am standing with the Irish Freedom Party for a seat in Dublin City Council, Ballyfermot-Drimnagh LEA.

I am Crumlin born and raised, and was a well known youth leader in Bru Crumlin. I worked most of my life as a truck driver before starting my own small business which unfortunately had to shut down due to harsh Covid lockdown restrictions imposed by the government.

I now wish to be a local councillor for my area to stand up to government bullies, who have forced more small businesses to close, Irish people out of the housing market, and want us to shut up about it. 

My pledges for Crumlin-Drimnagh are:

  • Designate more areas for Local Authority Affordable Purchase developments to provide affordable housing for first time buyers, instead of watching every adult under 30 emigrate to find a home. 
  • Oppose planning applications from foreign corporate developers and known vulture funds. 
  • As Mayo County Council has already done, I will push Dublin City Council to pursue a policy of non-cooperation with the Department of Integration until a viable asylum  system is put in place by the government.  
  • It is nearly impossible to get a GP appointment these days, I would advocate for property developments that can facilitate more GP practices opening up. 
  • People are worried about their safety and most of all for their Children’s safety. Day and  night. I will be an  accessible liaison between local people and their Garda station. I will make sure Gardaí are kept informed about the latest break-ins, instances of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.