Hands off Our Kids Rally – 11th July 2020 -1pm

Outside Dáil Eireann, Leinster House, Dublin 2
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Begins in 11 Jul 2020

    Hands off our Kids Rally  

    We will be protesting the wholly unsuitable appointment of the Green Party’s Roderic O’ Gorman as Minister for Children. The minister has been embroiled in controversy since last week when his admiration for Peter Tatchell was revealed. Tatchell’s public views on adult-child sex documented in a letter to the Guardian are abhorrent and have been well known for years. To suggest that the Minister wasn’t aware of them is not credible.

    Under the guise of lowering the age of consent, Peter Tatchell has been a known promoter of paedophilia for many years. Sinn Fein also invited him to an exhibition in February this year called “Queering the North”.   As reported this week in the Irish Independent, Roderic O’ Gorman fully intends to introduce legislation which will make it easier for children under 16 to legally change their gender.  In cases when there is no parental consent, a legal pathway will be constructed which will see parents brought to court against their wishes to be forced to comply.

    The Gender Recognition Act of 2015 allowed anyone over 18 to legally change gender without any medical or psychological assessment. It was brought in without any meaningful debate or discussion about its wide-ranging implications.

    Now the government are targeting children under 16 with similar legislation.  Many parents have also expressed horror at the new Sex Education Programme which could see the Department of Education adopt some WHO recommendations which are entirely inapproprate for children so young.

    The LGBT experiment on kids has reached peak insanity

    The Irish Freedom Party believes it is time to get out on the streets and make our opposition known.  We have both a moral and patriotic duty to take a stand, protect children and their future.

    Our speakers on Saturday will include Irish Freedom Party President Hermann Kelly, independent speaker, Pro-Life campaigner Paddy Manning.  We also have a very special Independent speaker in John Connors. He is one of Ireland’s most talented actors and filmmakers. Others to be confirmed.

    We have had a surge in new members over the last few months and Saturday will be an ideal opportunity to meet like minded people in the party. Social distancing required.

    We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.  Family and friends are welcome.


    Go raibh maith agat

    Hermann Kelly