Clare/Ennis Conference

Treacy West County Hotel Ennis Clare
03:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Begins in 13 Jul 2019

    Irish Freedom Party Clare/Ennis Conference

    Join us in Ennis Clare for the Irish Freedom Party Conference on the 13th of July

    Meet other likeminded people hoping to change the country for the good of the Irish people.


    Seamus May who has experience fighting corruption and cartels in Ireland.
    Dolore Cahillwho will talk on ‘Rule of Law, Ireland and the EU: Options for Ireland post-Brexit’.

    Seamus Maye has experience of fighting corruption and cartels. He is founder of International Small Business Alliance, Joint Chair of the Public Banking Forum of Ireland and a long-time member of Transparency International Ireland.
    Seamus Maye is highly respected for his work in competition law, banking and white-collar crime. He has addressed international audiences and both Irish government and E.U. committees. Seamus has proposed a new banking system in Ireland that serves the public interest, inspired by the German Sparkasse model that involves a network of regional public banks combined with credit unions and post offices. He proposes a better way of supporting small to medium indigenous companies to create a more prosperous secure economy.

    Ireland – A Democracy or Corpocracy? | Seamus Maye | TEDxLongford

    Interview Seamus Maye with Grand Torino in December 2018
    Banking, Building and Beef the cosy cabal in Ireland with Seamus Maye.