MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

Professor Dolores Cahill, chairwoman of Irish Freedom Party, PhD in Immunology speaks about Covid 19 Lockdown.

There is a prevention ( boosting immunity with Vit A D & C, Zinc) as well as a treatment (hydroxychloroquine & zinc) therefore no need for a general lockdown.


3 Replies to “MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

  • Carmen Boehm

    By Carmen Boehm

    Thank you very much for this again very important Interview! CDC also published on 29th August the amount of “6%” Deaths FROM Covid – as Prof. Cahill says for Ireland.

  • April Karesa

    By April Karesa

    Omg…that was fantastic. Help us in Canada Dolores Cahill. Bonnie Henry and Justin Trudeau are trying to kill us! Help Susan Stanfield at Health and Justice. Also @100MillionMoms She is an activist in Vancouver BC who wants to take Bonnie Henry to court. Help her help us in BC and ultimately all of Canada…from these draconian measures. I work in long term care and we are forced to wear masks our entire shift…its dreadful and we are suffering. Please and Thank you! God Bless…

  • des jenkins

    By des jenkins

    hi how are they getting away with this the government the gard/s they should all go to prison and the doctor/s and nurse/s they know what they are doing all of them prison Is to good for them i know with i would do with they the Evil has to be put down by the White light Covid 19 is Another name for the flu that is all it is the lockdown has to stop leo is a headcase put him away and the rest before it to late

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